Sunday, July 11, 2010


So, I found a new job. I am SO excited. I feel like this is the new page that I have been needing for MONTHS! No more crying. No more pity party. No more (or much less, haha) anger. I have been so angry... well... no reason to be now. I will be working at a job that gives me authority, sweet hours, the pay I deserve, vacation, (i think) benefits (will find out on friday), and a decent work week. I will be working with 3 REALLY old ladies (like 95, 87, and ?) that are mildly mentally retarded. I am so happy about everything. My friendships seem to be getting more stable, and I have, lately been able to handle more of them. My stomach pain is receding. I'm getting done with summer school, and in the 1 (of 2) class I care about, I am getting a really nice A. I am getting a B or C in the other one. I don't know because the teacher is NOT WITH THE PROGRAM. I don't really care either, as long as I pass. You know, Maybe I will post my essay... It is for my diversity class. I am a bit self conscious about it... it totally shows my hippie roots. :D Well, I just decided that I will not post it now. It is 10 pages after all... kinda long. I want to thank anybody and everybody who has dealt with my shit, helped me, or hugged me this year. It has been a rough one, and every single hug, open ear, and forgivness for my behavior has helped me get through it without destroying any relationships.
Another cool thing about the job is that I can get my eyebrow pierced again. :D

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Chris Hurt said...

Congratulations, Konata says, “Good Job!”