Friday, January 8, 2010


Do you ever get a series of 3 or so songs stuck in your head All Day? No matter what? Nothing will get rid of them? Yeah, that was my day. :D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, This year is going to be very interesting for sure... I categorize my life into three main sections. 'Home', Work, and School. I have separate goals for each of these things...

School: If there is ANY way that I can get into my keyboard class, I will take it and I will graduate in may. Clearly this is the most wanted of any other scenario. Keyboard kicks my butt, but I am READY (SO READY) to be done with school for awhile. I have one other class to take as well, but it is an independent study, and I just have to find someone that will sponsor me.

Work: Well, work is going fine. Until I am out of school and can be available the hours for the exact job that I want, I have to take what I can get. Although, at the end of January, I will have been at Goddard for a year and will ask for a raise... we will see how that goes. If I don't get it, and I get my degree, (assuming I get into the piano class) then I will ask again at the end of may. If I don't get it then, then I will be finding other employment, because I am worth way more than I am getting paid for.
I also am going to start working in the Roving Imp Coffee Shop. I will get paid on commission, so come and buy coffee from me. :D

'Home'- This sort of encompasses several aspects, even though I just clump it all together.
  • Family- I am going to make more time to spend with my brother Brian. I did not spend enough time with him this last year, and I am going to fix it.
  • Improv- my improv goals are extremely important to me. I am going to strive to play with different/more people and play it more spaces. I think that it will really help me to grow and become a better improviser. Also, I want to take several classes this year. I have now done improv for three years and I love it more every month. Not every year- it changes so much every month that there is no way that I can judge it by a yearly scale. I love it and can not imagine what my life would be without it and the people it has brought to my life. It makes life rich.
  • Home and Self- This is my big GOAL for the year: I will focus on HEALTH. That has so many meanings. Some of them: Eat better, try to exercise more, keep a cleaner house, shave at a decent interval, not to mention mental health... etc. All this will make me the healthier, happier person that I want to be.

Finally I want to remember the thing that I always say: If you don't laugh, you die. So you might as well laugh.
No matter how serious things seem, will they really be as bad in 5 years or 10? Laugh it away.