Saturday, May 9, 2009

Imp- hearsals of the past part 1

Roving Imp Rehearsal: (04-23-09)
The first half of rehearsal was with Omega Directive. I LOVE playing with those guys.(part of why I am sad about John's new structuring plan...) Each time I play with the Omega folks I can feel myself stretching and thinking of new things to do and different ways to play. In that rehearsal, I played the straight man in a world full of monsters. T played the principal monster. This was an amazing example of how when you come on with a physicality or character, that you don't (and in fact, shouldn't) change your character when it is named something you were not expecting. (like a principal in a high school) I tried to not make every scene about conflict, but found that difficult. I did not initiate the conflict most times, and I don't think that EVERY scene was about conflict.
The long form was fun and satisfying! The second half, Omega left and RI folks played the games. They were fun and all went okay, Understudy was exceptional. I used to really really dislike that game. It is still not my favorite, but I don't despise it any longer.
Mega Nugget from rehearsal:
- come in with a physicality or character and STICK WITH IT. Funny-ness ensues.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Robot Parade Class

So Robot Parade is an improv class that is taught at the Roving Imp Theater. Some of my reflections from this class will be posted on this blog.
Robot Parade (04/20/2009)
Nuggets taken from the class tonight:
  • No Laughing Onstage- it makes the audience not want to automatically, it is just a natural response that they have, so if you want to be funny- don't laugh.
  • Edit Quickly- It is better to edit early than late. If you edit to early, you can ALWAYS bring the scene back if you want to, if you edit late then the scene is most likely dieing and your improv audience and actors with it.
And finally, for me this is the most important one:
  • DON'T MAKE EVERY SCENE ABOUT CONFLICT- Make some happy scenes too. Conflict is easy, and it is a beginners move to ALWAYS have the scene about conflict... It can have a conflict without being ABOUT conflict.

So that's it. Not too bad for one class. Not too bad for the first 'actual' blog. :D


Actually Blogging... For Realz

Well, I have decided to join the blogging world, and by doing thus hopefully will get feedback on some improv stuff that I have been thinking about... I am going to log most of my improv journal into this blog, so hopefully I will be telling what I think about things and questions I have.
I'm sure I will use this for personal reflections as well. :D